How Lady Landed In KiriKiri Prison After Refusing To Have Sex With Police Officer

A 24 year old lady, Amanda has just been released from Kirikiri prison where she’s spent the last 6-years largely allegedly due to her refusal to have sex with a policeman in charge of her case.

Amanda was reportedly arrested by police after a gun owned by her boyfriend was found hidden under a seat in a cab.

According to reports, the girl was 18 years at the moment of her arrest which happened in 2011 when she left for a party with her boyfriend not knowing he had concealed a gun underneath the seat.

The lady was freed last week after six years of awaiting trial at kirikiri prison in Lagos as her boyfriend was convicted for unlawful possession of firearm.

A facebook user, Prince Gwamnishu Harrison, shared the young lady’s story online in a bid to enlighten people to know the kind of company they keep.

He wrote;

This Season 
Stay Safe
Stay Clean
Keep Good Company
Do you know your friends very well? if you don’t, please drive alone.

Am just trying to be a good Nigerian cos 
Courts are on Holiday.


Beautiful Amanda was 18 as at 2011, she left me in SARS custody and I thought she was gone. Later saw her in 2012 in Kirikiri female prison during one of our Prison Fame Talent Hunt Rehearsal.

After I was brought back from Police College Clinic Ikeja, I was giving a bed to sleep at the corridor. Right there in cell 3, I saw Amanda, young and beautiful and was tempted to ask` her crime. She told me all that happened.

‘Amanda a student of Lagos State University on 24th December, 2011 left for a party with her boyfriend. They stopped a Taxi  and entered.

At a police checkpoint, one of the passengers sitting close to Amanda’s boyfriend told the police he noticed one of the passengers was hiding something under the seat . The police searched him, searched the car and discovered a Gun (Pistol). Amanda’s boyfriend hid it.

Driver and all the passengers were taking to the police station and they all wrote statement. Driver was released and the other passengers but Amanda and her boyfriend were detained for further investigation.

Case transferred to SARS Ikeja and charged for Conspiracy/Armed Robbery. Though the boy confessed to be a cultist and also told them Amanda knows nothing about the gun or know his cult activities.

She said to me “At night, they will call me out to question me about my boyfriend. From there he (IPO) demanded for sex. My refusal to give in landed me in kirikiri’

Last week, Amanda was freed after Six (6) years Awaiting trial, boyfriend convicted for Unlawful Possession of Fire Arms.

Yesterday, she came to visit to say “THANK YOU”


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