Why should Majek Fashek perform at church alter, Daddy Freeze is asking… (Read more)

Controversial Cool FM OAP, Daddy Freeze has reacted to Majek Fashek performing during an event at Common Wealth of Zion Assembly church.


He wrote;

“I am still searching for the sense in this. I am a huge Majek fan, but do I want to see him perform in a church?

How did we get here?

Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought christian altars are supposed to be sacrosanct…

Can a secular musician like Majek perform in a mosque? Have you ever seen an artiste like Majek perform in a Buddhist or Hindu temple? Can Majek perform inside the Okija shrine? or the soppona or ayelala shrine?

If other religions value their altars and keep them sacred, is it out of place to suggest we do the same?

We need to start asking ourselves these questions and we need to start asking them now! ~FRZ



  1. What is wrong with Majek performing on the altar…. ?he claims he is born again…… S0 as a child of God, he is entitled to that place….. So why the criticism… Must u be so sullen about that and everything in the church setting? If u know u can be better why not be a pastor and change things from your end…. Instead of criticizing everything a pastor does

  2. I have never really given much thought to all the rants Daddy freeze have been making on social media lately, but this one I have to agree with him. This is not right I don’t care what ever COZA’s pastor is hoping to achieve with this. I don’t accept it. The church and the world has nothing in common.

    • well if you watched what happened you will know the truth instead of believing someone who wasn’t there… besides he didn’t perform he came out for alter call and my pastor pulled him out to honor him and the huge step he took but of cause you won’t understand…. anyways find out facts before you comment or better still reserve them

  3. Let the man or woman who is without no sin cast the first stone.. Most of our choristers singing the presence of God down during our church services these days are 100% hypocrites, yet God is still moved.. if Majek intention of climbing that stage is to glorify the name of God, then I don’t see why he should be criticize by anyone.. He is even more pure in heart than this so called Freeze and all you all here castigating him… You guys should go clean your home carefully before throwing stones… PEACE

  4. he is a reggae artist hm hmm no one has ministered to my soul d way he does not even Bob Marley to me. he is a Gospel minister and one of the best


  6. Daddy Freeze or whatever u call urself listen and listen good. There is nothing wrong in MAJEK performing in the church cause church is not a museum for good people but a hospital for the broken. Be careful of wat u say cus b4 u cus the wrath of God upon ur life so be wise.

  7. the vessel may not be relevant some times but the content. Relationship to Jesus can be switched on or off in a matter of seconds or less. Do you know my God? He may choose Majek Fasek and leave Daddy Freeze. Who questions His authority. Please don’t help God, He does what pleases Him. I probably would feel like Daddy Freeze but I’ve know my Father more. Although I’ve not known Him enough. He leaves out the strong and works with the weak.

  8. Thank you for standing up for the Nigerian8 church, a lot of terrible happenings this last days as the scriptures unfold. You don’t bring the world to the church, you take the church to the world… Praying for you, this is not an easy battle and so many are praying for you.

  9. why the waste of energy over majek’s performance in a church..his kind f music has ever been so helpful to the soul and mind. unlike other secular singers. he even preaches in his songs..maybe freez had another thing in mind but he’s scared to mention it..but on this,i see nothing wrong in the performance.

  10. Before the coza pst did that, he must have had an aim in mind. The pulpit is a place for ministrations. Majek must have become saved by Christ before he was given the opportunity to minister. He’s bowing down showed that he gave glory to God. Besides why judge him that you didn’t called? We’re you the one that called him, saved him, sanctified him, glorified him and died for him? can’t a sinner become a saint overnight? The blood of Jesus is still fresh to wash away sins of anyone that accepts Jesus as Lord. The blood has gone dry. so stop being a critic to good thing. God grace cover you.


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