Man Rescues Wife From Committing Suicide, After Spending Money Meant for House Rent (Photos)

A Frustrated woman who almost commit suicide, has been rescued by her husband.

The woman’s husband simply identified as Kenny, revealed that he gave her money to save so they can pay their house rent. He said that on the day which he was supposed to pay, he asked her, and she told him she has spent the money on food.

The man got angry, left he house, when he came back, he saw her tying herself to the fan in a bid to take her own life.

Below is what the man shared on social media.


“My house rent expired last month, so I told my landlord to give me till the end of December to put myself in order because I was thinking of travelling with my family.

Before then, I gave my wife 75% of the house rent to keep pending when I will complete it. I just received a call from my office today that salaries are being paid today, besides I am on night duty so it will be till evening before I will receive mine.

I asked my wife to get the money ready that I am going to compete it today to enable me pay the house rent tomorrow against the deadline which is on 24th of this month, only for her to tell me that she has spent the money on our feeding.

I got angry and yelled at her and called her close friend to ask her where she kept the money. There’s no day I don’t provide for the family, so how come she spent the money on the family?

So after all said and done. I got angry and went out with my 1 year old daughter to cool my temper with a bottle of Hero. Then entering the house I saw her hanged herself. So I rushed and echoed for help. Please, if u are in my shoe, what will u do?”



  • you have to divorce such woman, for her to intended taking her life she equally have the mind to take another person’s life. so you are not save.

  • her life is much more than the money spent. give her some time, then u will teach her how to b spending. a devil well known is better than an angel whose character is not well known. man b strong!

  • Since she thought of doing that, it means she is afraid of your next action,just forgive her and never allow money to disorganize your marriage,then when next it calls for saving money for some purpose then you do it your self,there is bank for saving of money.

  • Some women are extravagant spenders don’t give her such amount next time, you see she would have got you into trouble She is still your lovely wife learn to love her women are like that, compliment of the season bro.

    • hmmm, just call her and speak to her with passion. she nds to overcome her phobia. try to get to know about d other house needs, may be d money given to her for house kp is not enough. May d good Lord give yur family abundant joy.amen.

    • Just thank for your life because this could have got you into bigger trouble. Who would believed your story? Make your landlord to understand the situation ,then look a way to settle him. God help you…

  • wow! she don’t know how the money gone, at the same time she wasn’t expect that is going to happen that way, they must be a disappointment somewhere please after all try to reason with her she will still tell you the truth about the money! but she don’t have to commit suicide that’s is very bad of her attitude be a man bro thanks.

  • Mayowa from agege, I think forgiven her will be the best thing for now, she already realized her mistakes, just bear it in mind that she’s not the type that can keep secret or money.

  • Thank God for your life, take her for counseling and prayers
    Please do not use this against her, l believe it was fear and confusion that made her to take such irrational decision to take her life for how much sef. Pray for God’s help…

  • please you need to forgive her and make her promise that will never repeat itself again or else she will have to bear the consequence moreover she was scared in as much she was scared she should tell you what she actually did with the money since you have been providing for the family

  • Her action shows that she fear you. If i were you, i will show her more love, and don’t allow her to be lonely. Give her more money this Christmas. She is more important to you than house rent or landlord. If the landlord send you packing, you will find a place to lay your her. Life continue

  • I will save her life first nd never entrust her with money again. If I divorce her what is going to happen to the children? The next wife who can predict her character?.


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