N6 thrown out of event after backstage brawl with Chocolate City acts

The beef between Cool FM’s On Air Personality, N6 and MI Abaga of Chocolate City got a bit physical last night at the Palm Wine Music Festival that held at Muri Olunola Park, Victoria Island.

According to an eye witness account, ‘MI had just finished his performance and heading out when N6 was spotted backstage as well. N6 was seen approaching MI but was quickly confronted by Ahabuchi (MI’s manager) and some Choc City crew. In the heat of the confrontation, N6 who was alone with at least 5 hoc City guys held on to an empty bottle of hennesy to protect himself but somehow grazed a lady and that angered the other guys’.

Our eye witness continued to say;

“Ahabuchi and N6 went on to exchange a few blows but none landed a hit. AT this point, MI has walked out of the situation. It took the effort of Jimmie and Ehiz of MTV to seperate both N6 and Ahabuchi. Chin Okeke was later seen head locking N6 and oredering security operatives to escort him off the premises after efforts to calm th situation was unsuccesful.”

LIB however reached out to MI Abaga’s manager, Ahabuchi who had a slightly different version of the event saying, ‘haba, how can we be fighting when people are sharing money. Yes there was a bit of back stage altercation but it was N6 who was being tense and the event organisers had security remove him from the venue. MI was even there trying to make peace and telling the organisers to leeave him alone because its all love from here’.

N6 was however unreachable for comments at the time of this report. He didn’t respond to our calls and text messages as at press time.

source: Gistreel



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