Nigerian lady rocks Hijab alongside her wig and gown on a traditional outfit

Still on controversy sparked by Hijab wearing Lawyer Fidarau Amasa, a Nigerian lady took to social media to show off how she wore her own wig and gown.

Here’s a photo of the lady slaying in wig and gown on a traditional outfit;

Meanwhile, Amasa Firdaus, the Nigerian Law School graduate who was denied access to the venue of the call to the bar ceremony earlier this week due to her donning her Hijab has spoken up.

Speaking about the incident Amasa and why she is bent on seeing that Hiajb is allowed amongst Muslim law graduates, Amasa, who graduated form the University of Ilorin,told PREMIUM TIMES on Saturday, said;

“My major concern is the approval of Hijab so that every person coming behind me will be able to use it for the call to bar (ceremony),” she told PREMIUM TIMES.

On if she is aware of the rules and regulations that guide against the use of Hijab at the ceremony, she said;

“There is nothing like that (laws preventing the use of Hijab). When you ask them too, they tell you it is convention; that that is how it is done and it has to remain like that,” she said.

On her motivation to wear her Hijab during the ceremony that saw her being denied entry until she wore her wig on the Hijab,she explained that she wanted to change the narrative and give Muslim sisters the rights to express their constitutional rights as enshrined in the constitution.

“I knew that was what was going to happen,” she said of the consequences of her decision. She, however, said she remained resolute in her convictions to speak for the recognition of rights of female Muslim law graduates.

She continued saying the Nigerian Law school is yet to say anything on the case, adding that the support from the Muslim community has been impressive. “My demand is that Hijab should be approved,” she affirmed.



  1. If she knows quite well that it’s an offence to wear it, of what purpose does she want to disobey the rules and order of an existing protocols. The authorities should have denied her graduation at least for three years so that it will serve as a deterrent to others.


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