Nigerian students risk losing scholarships in Russia

About 100 Nigerian students may forfeit scholarships worth over $1.5 million provided by the Russian government if the Nigerian government fails to pay for their flight tickets and agree to cover their stipend before December 13.

Yearly, the Russian government offers about 100 scholarship of between four to seven years to Nigerian students in courses ranging from Medicine and engineering. The successful candidates are chosen after a rigorous selection process that includes writing exercises and interviews.

This year alone, over 4,000 students applied but only 88 were awarded the competitive scholarship. Many of the successful candidates are graduates of Federal government-run gifted schools, where some of the most brilliant Nigerian pupils are educated.

It was  learned that each of the scholarship is worth between $14,000 and $20,000 yearly, which is covered by the Russian government. The Nigerian government, however, is required to pay for the flight tickets of the students to Russia and provide for them a monthly living stipend for the duration of their studies.

But many of the successful candidates may see their hope of studying abroad and perhaps, of a better future dashed because the Nigerian government has refused to pay for their trip to Russia, and to commit to covering their living stipend, in clear violation of its Bilateral Education Agreement with Russia.

According to the agreement, the Russian government covers the basic education needs of the Nigerian students, including the payment of tuition, as well for a Russian language course and a stipend of $30 for students who pass their examination with distinction.

Source: ( Premium Times )


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