The Nostalgia That Christmas Brings

Not only does Christmas brings cheer and great times, it is a nostalgic time of year where the smell of buttery cookies, the twinkling of Christmas lights, Decorations everywhere, parties every day, songs that bring the season to life and the good cheer and warmth of spirit in the atmosphere help us rekindle our own Christmas memories.That’s what Christmas does to the heart and mind. Its is a very “catchy” atmosphere. It resurrects fond moment that most likely bring forth tears and a myriad of pleasant emotions. many have memories to share. Read the Christmas memories…

Our readers share their favorite memories of Christmas past, from picking out a Christmas tree to sharing a special photo with our troops to hearing mysterious sounds of festivity in the middle of the night.

My Nigerian mother has a full house consisting of family members and friends from all over the globe. With the catching up on conversations and the wonderful music that we all sing and listen to.

The men sitting in the palour discussing various topics from politics to football while the women and children prepare the traditional Christmas food “jollof rice , fried rice, chicken/turkey and plantain”. there’s a lot of laughter and wonderful drinks to go with it. Then at the end of the day, mummy gathers the leftovers and sends to all our neighbours (including the gatemen, house helps and drivers). What are your fondest moments?


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