Pastor Adeboye’s son, Leke thanks Daddy Freeze Over Increase In RCCG’s Tithes.

It’s no news that one of the peculiar Churches usually attacked by media personality, Daddy Freeze, is the Redeemed Christian Church of God – the OAP is quite used to countering certain doctrines of the church, especially the tithing aspect.

Leke Adeboye.

Well, the son, the last born of the Church’s leader, Pastor Adeboye, Leke Adeboye has in a rather unusual twist, personally thanked the OAP – as according to him, the OAP’s controversies against the church has caused increase in certain areas of the church, even tithe!

Pastor Adeboye.

Leke wrote:

There has been a 33% increase in the number of people viewing RCCG events, Increase in the amount of people paying their correct tithes, Increase in the number of persons visiting the personal website of EAADEBOYE.COM and sending him Emails and the amount of persons watching all messages from start to finish on any pentecosatal live events has increased SO I PERSONALLY WANT TO SAY THANK YOU @DADDYFREEZE

Daddy Freeze is yet to respond as at the time of this post and Lord knows that we absolutely can’t wait to see what he has to say to this… we’re on folded arms!

Daddy Freeze

Leke Adeboye is Pastor Adeboye’s Last Born, and also his Father’s Personal Assistant!



  • Just for the sake of mention, in Mal.3:8, God was not talking to the people as Pastors have tried to make us believe. The truth is that God was talking to the Priests. See Mal 2:1 God never stopped addressing the Priests until the end of Malachi Chapter 4. It was their duty to take the tithe of the tithe to the Storehouse. See Neh.10:38 and Num 18:26&28 this is very clear.

    The issue is this, if we decide to give in the name of tithe, then we would be operating under the platform of curse as stated in Mal 3:9 see Gal 3:10. It is either you are able to meet God’s requirements and achieve the blessing in verse 10 which of course is not possible under the law or risk 100% curse which was what they could obtain under the law hence it was replaced by grace. This is clearly explained in Gal 4:22-25. All laws given at Mount Sinai are in this form hence all through Scriptures nobody succeeded through the laws.They all led to Slavery (Hagar). The law of tithing was given at Mount Sinai Lev27:32-34.

    Now Christ became a curse for us to redeem us from the curse of the Law Gal 3:13. Why do you want to go back to curse and slavery by tithing, instead of walking in the freedom Christ has given us Gal 5:1? Some Will say I’m paying tithe out of love. Out of love for who? Out of love or out of ignorance? See Acts 17:30 ignorance is not an excuse so, don’t rely on it.
    I hope I have done my part in making this exposition. The choice of walking in your freedom or remaining in bondage is yours.

    Meanwhile, some feel we are against the Church No, rather, they are. The truth is that, they are religiously ignorant in the name of blind zeal devoid of love for Christ but great fear and respect for Daddy G.O, what a pity of our day? Christians should start studying their Bibles and stop being Zombies. May our good Lord bless you as you know and start walking in the truth.
    Please do share to let others come to this awareness.

    • smoke.quote whr in bible I mean new testament whr tithe is preached…you are here here talking abt your wallet…………… ……how much is u guys uni Sch fees???!!………….

    • Please may I ask these questions
      (1) Is it a sin to pay tithe?
      (2) well the tithe payers go to hell for paying tithe?

      If it’s not a sin to pay tithes and if the tithe payers will not go to hell because they are paying their tithe, please why then are we stressing ourselves unnecessarily?

  • remember the tent commandment is also a law that place under curse.

    it should be abolish too because we are in new era.

    logic without meaning, Antichrist in new way. people that knows what they are doing, and how effective it is are still doing it, why struggling with your keyboard?

    stop being a deceiver because even the devil quotes the scripture.

    • Do u still remember the sabath day (Saturday) to keep it holy? Exo. 20:8
      If u are truly a CHRISTian and is looking for laws to obey kindly see Mat. 22:36 which shows us that we should do all things in (and with) love and to know how to praticalize, it study Mat. 25:33-36 (u helped me when I thirst, hungered, sick, naked etc).
      Think deeply and tell me if it is possible for a man to be A FAITHFUL TITHER?
      By going by the way of the laws to achieve salvation (as against the salvation in Christ through grace) is a spiritual suicide. The devourer will have endless things to count against you to fulfil his ministry (steal, kill, destroy)
      Did Adam tithe? Yet God always do evening fellowship with him
      Can you give example of a man that obtained salvation through the laws – even Moses could not (Jud 1:9).
      Did Jesus receive tithe? Yet you see Him as your true model.
      Did Paul tell us to pay tithe? Yet you quote most of his scriptures.
      There is a difference between a religious man and a true CHRISTian – Which one are you?
      Please accept Jesus as your TRUE LORD AND SAVIOUR – for tithe and any law you know cannot. Until you pass this fundamental test, you cannot manifest Him (His true nature)…

    • Thank u sir,
      Some people are simply trying to rewrite the Bible. The book of revelation lii action already placed curse on them whosoever will want to add or remove any thing from the scriptures.

  • A Yoruba man we say Tani eshin o ba gbe ti ki ba se elegbo I think you also benefited from the tithe what did you think we will expect from you

  • I wonder why people are not auguing about salvation that is the most important.
    The devil has succeded in giving the generation a topic to discuss and probably end in hell.
    Why not let’s talk about SALVATION OF OUR SOULS?

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