“Pastors Spend Tithes To Set Up Businesses And Establish Schools For The Purpose Of Making Money”- Apostle Adenuga

Founder of Faith Revival Apostolic Church, Apostle Paul Taiwo Adenuga has stated that some pastors spend their tithes on setting up businesses and establishing schools for the purpose of making money.

In an interview with PUNCH, the apostle spoke on the controversial tithing issue.

He said;

“The controversy over the issue of tithes is unnecessary. It is happening now because some of the big-time servants of God have betrayed the gospel and their calling. They now recruit antichrists to work in God’s vineyard.

He added;

“In their bid to make sure that they are known all over the world, many Nigerian servants of God now target influential people, particularly bank chiefs and top public servants to recruit as pastors. These are the people that are now introducing negative doctrines that are alien to the body of Christ.”

“They spend tithes to set up businesses and establish schools for the purpose of making money. Instead of using tithes to pay good salaries to their full-time pastors, they recruit part-time rich pastors who won’t bother them about salaries since they are already comfortable. People don’t have problems paying tithes in accordance with God’s directive in the Bible book of Malachi but they are annoyed that the present-day pastors are no longer using the money for evangelism. They are spending tithes to build universities that children of the payers won’t be able to attend because of high school fees.

“There will always be crises over tithing if pastors continue to use the money to acquire personal properties. To the glory of God, I have been in the ministry for over 28 years and I don’t have a personal property. You are free to investigate. I also have detailed accounts of how we spend all money being paid by members. The Bible says we should bring all the tithes to the storehouse, but the people are protesting today because pastors are no longer using the tithes for the purpose they are meant for. It is for the welfare of pastors and the needy, not for acquiring properties, exotic vehicles and private jets. Members should hold their pastors accountable on the issue of tithes”


  • Apostle Adenuga, I must confess your point is the main reason why church members are not paying tithe. for instance for me I have decided to be paying my tithe in the small growing churches and paying it in foster homes where it will be well valued.

    OK, look at a pastor for 28years but you’re still very transparent to the latter.intact I like you for that. I am a die hard fan of daddy freeze. if you check churches nowadays rate at which people pay tithe have reduced drastically.

  • Must you reply, by making mockery your other pastors and the body of Christ. If don’t have private jet for now,one day you will need it,when you go global. (2Sam1:19-20)

  • Apostle Paul, you are a respected man of God since I knew you.. When my sister Adebumiti Remi use to attend your church.. I knew you one on one… But I am highly disappointed in this post from a man like you sir.. Sorry to say.. Are you saying all this with a fact or assumption.. Have you really made findings and be sure of those high profile men of God that use thithe to build schools for their own pocket.. If your story is not true sir and no written prove that backs up what you say as an apostle.. It’s really worth thinking twice about what you preach… You can’t help God.. Let’s us get to heaven and see who is truly serving God.. God fight his own battle… Good day

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