Police Shoot Man’s Dog Orders Him To Cut Off It’s Head

A man has received the shock of his life after police officers shot his own dog dead and asked him to cut off the animal’s head.

Joe Nathan Goodwin, an American dog owner was ordered to chop his beloved pet’s head off after cops shot it dead.
A disturbing footage shows Joe Nathan Goodwin’s two-year-old dog, Big Boy, lying dead in his driveway in Georgia.
It also captured the harrowing moment police watched him decapitate the canine so it can be “tested for rabies”.
According to The Sun UK, Goodwin was at work on Friday when his distraught girlfriend Natasha Dakon called to say police had turned up at their home and shot Big Boy following reports it had bitten a neighbour.
He rushed home to find the family’s beloved dog, which appears to be a Pit Bull cross, dead and the police on his front lawn.
The cops, who claimed they’d shot the animal when it lunged at a deputy.
Shockingly, they then ordered grieving Joe owner to decapitate the canine so its head could be sent for rabies testing – even though Big Boy was fully vaccinated against the deadly disease.
Goodwin, who began recording the confrontation with the officers on his cellphone, says that when he refused to cut off his dog’s head, Crawford County Sheriff’s Office investigator James Hollis threatened to throw him in jail.
Hollis warned: “I will take you to jail and charge you.”
When Goodwin demanded to know what Hollis planned to charge him with, the officer initially replied that he’d tell him when they got to the police station.
Another officer told him: “You can be charged with disorderly conduct.”
Hollis continued: “We asked you to remove the dog’s head. And you’re refusing, right?”
Shocked Goodwin replied: “I ain’t got a … knife to cut’ the head off.”
The other officer then jumped in, adding: “If you would just listen, we don’t know this process either.”
Goodwin said later that he told officers that his dog had been vaccinated against rabies but the cops wouldn’t let him leave the scene to get the paperwork.
Eventually Goodwin agreed and his girlfriend grabbed him a kitchen knife from the house.
He was then forced, as the cops watched on, to saw and hack away at his pet’s neck with the small knife until he could remove his head.
Goodwin posted the harrowing clip on Facebook and wrote:“This was very traumatic for the kids and I.
“I don’t think anyone should be forced to do what I had to do to their own animal,” he later told 13WMAZ, breaking down in tears, “I am sick to my stomach.
“I can’t get that scene out of my head.”
He added he wanted his story shared because ‘I just don’t want this to happen again to any other person.’
Following the beheading, another video clip shows the officer telling Dakon to put the head into a plastic bag.
“You gotta freeze it,” Hollis added. That can be tested for rabies, OK?”
The couple were then ordered to “meet them at the health department in Roberta with the head”.
Dakon said she cried all the way to the health department with her dead dog’s head in her car, before dropping it off at 7pm on Friday.
Crawford County Sheriff’s Office said an investigation has been launched over Hollis’ actions but would not comment further.
Goodwin has since revealed he plans to take legal action against the police.
Watch the video below:

Source: SunUK

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