President Buhari Appoints 3 Dead Men As Board Members (Details)

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President Buhari Appoints 3 Dead People As Board Members: Francis Okpozo,Christopher Utov, Donald Ugbaja – Says Tyro @DoubleEph

Thanks to @RayErvero for spotting that Senator Francis Okpozo Who died in December 2016 is the new chairman of the Nigerian Press Council. To be fair, the Nigerian press is dead, too.

And thanks also to @Shanny_58672 for spotting that Reverend Christopher Utov, who died in March this year, is on the board of Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research

I thank @ekeneuwajeh for spotting Chief Donald Ugbaja, who died last month, on the board of the Consumer Protection Council

Just 3 dead people on the list so far. We thank God. It could have been 6 or 12. Buhari is really trying. Please let me know if you find any more dead people so we can report those names to the nearest mortuary

By tyro @DoubleEph


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  • this can only be the true state of the Nation. If you look very well some you may think are alive are actually dead. and we complain about the poor state of the Economy. why not when its being run by mix multitude the dead and the semi living. looool.Mtcheew.

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