It is true of the saying that goes; hell has no fury than that of a scorned woman. so is the unfortunate story of an angry woman who pasted a poster with the full picture of her husband’s concubine all over Trans Ekulu in Enugu state. For many a woman who are married, they may be able to relate because of the humiliation among the myriad of emotions that every betrayed woman in this situation may feel. But is this really a way to get your own pound of flesh?  although there are several school of thought as regards to this matter.

The first school of thought will say that the wife in question didn’t handle the situation properly and would have dealt with the it some other mature way. Another would ask a prominent question; where is the man in question? what is his own punishment? does it not take 2 to tango anymore? the third will say; the lady may sometime in the future may repent but the stigma will always remain. and some others who share the comrad spirit will say it serve her right! why didn’t she say no to the man? she should not have accepted to avoid this mess. what are your thoughts?