Simi Gives Out Words Of Wisdom As The Year Ends

As we head into 2018, X3M Music‘s artist Simi dishes words of wisdom as well as advice to live one’s best life.

“The sky is big enough! The world is big enough! Get over it,” she says, condemning the act of putting people against each other.

Simi also condemned cyber-bullying, stating that trending for a bad thing only makes you a “s**tty person“.

Read her tweets below:

“Everything ain’t for everybody…”
Instead of being mad at something u’re not feeling, find the one you like and keep it moving – so the people that like it can see road to pass.
— Simi (@SympLySimi) December 29, 2017
Also, if you really want to do something with your life that you’ve been scared of doing – 2018 is the year that you do it scared. You get to live this life one time. No do-overs. And I hear when we get old, we regret the things we didn’t do. Live life. If you fail – u try again.
— Simi (@SympLySimi) December 29, 2017
One more thing – don’t let anybody dream for you. Filter advice, because nobody in the world is right abt everythg. Dream big. Fight for your dreams. Your dreams and hopes matter. You matter. When you make a mistake, learn. Work ur ass off. Winning is not for loafers!

source: 36ng


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