Suspected Female Kidnapper Burnt To Death

Luck has ran out on a suspected female kidnapper after she was caught and lynched by angry residents of the state.

A suspected kidnapper was lynched by a mob on Monday in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital, according to a report by Punch.
It was gathered that the woman had gone to a school within Kikanlo area of Ilorin metropolis and allegedly attempted to take custody of some twins on the pretext that their mother had sent her to pick them up.
Luck, however, ran out on the suspected kidnapper when the mother of the twins was contacted and informed that a woman had come to take the children away.
The unnamed mother was said to have run to the school, screaming that she did not send anyone to take custody of her babies.
People, who were attracted by her cry, stormed the school where the suspected kidnapper was still being held.
The suspect was said to have later been pulled out from the school and marched down to the Ilorin-Offa road by the mob.
Efforts by some concerned residents to pacify the mob so that the suspect could be taken to a police station were rebuffed.
The mob were said to have later lynched the suspect about 10 am. Charred remains of the suspect could be seen lying on the median of the road while some onlooker took pictures.
The Police later arrived at the scene and made sporadic arrests. The Kwara State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Ajayi Okansonmi said the suspect was lynched before police officers arrived the scene.
He stated that investigations have commenced into the matter.

Source: Punch


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