Talk show host, Funmi Johnson shares video of policemen harassing two men (watch)

Talk show host, Funmi Johnson, took to IG to share a video of some policemen in mufti harassing two young guys. Describing what happened, she said;

Police brutality again…seems to be the order of the day. •
Today, I stumbled on these two young men being slapped around by policemen. The young men were accosted, held at the waist by two policemen in mufti and the young men asked to see identification. Is that a crime? It is not. Subsequently, policemen in uniform marched unto the scene to ramp up the assault on the young men – slapping the boys and carrying them away. He stopped when he saw I was recording. Another police man in uniform even came up to me to ask why I was recording, to which I responded “In my father’s land? With my phone or yours? What law have I contravened?”. He marched off angrily. Shortly after, the two police in uniform and the other two in mufti moved away from the scene. The point here is: Even if the guys were in the wrong, there is a lawful process for effecting arrests and that should be complied with. People are innocent until proven guilty. That IS the LAW. Why are we complaining of inhumanity in Libya when we don’t even respect ourselves at home?

Watch the video below

Source: Linda Ikeji’s blog

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