The hamattan season usually comes up at the end of the year. And with it comes the dryness that we all dread; the lips and skin begin to break if not taken care of properly.  here are some tips on how to enjoy the infamous weather without the fear of having terrible skin;

  1. MOISTURIZING can never be over emphasized. It is fashionably inexcusable for anyone to avoid moisturizing on a daily basis but when it’s harmattan season, don’t even try that. There is need to lock in moisture in the skin to keep it glowing. it is advisable to look for products that are Shea butter based or contains coconut oil.
  2. STAY AWAY from make-up products that are dry or matte. Why? It does not contain oil based products. If anything, they aid the negative effect that harmattan has on the skin. Besides, no one wants that on their skin how much more the face!
  3. CONCEALERS come in handy this season.With little or no make up, concealers will come in handy. they are useful to cover up imperfections after all.
  4. ALCOHOL based products are to be avoided completely because they tend to dry out your skin during harmattan. research say it is advisable to use cleansers that have easy Rosewater and glycerin to remove makeup residue.
  5. EXFOLIATE!!! scrubs and cleaning will help immensely.