‘The type of leader Nigeria needs’ – Reno Omokri shares photo of Atiku Abubakar in the gym

Reno Omokri shared this photo of Atiku Abubakar in the gym, saying Nigeria needs a leader that is fit.

Posting the photo of the former Vice President on Instagram, Reno wrote;

‘Atiku Abubakar, the type of leader Nigeria needs. Fit in body. Astute in business. Broad minded and accommodating to people of other ethnicities and religious groups’.


  1. This is the formulas used in deceiving us by sycophants as they contest but not repeated as soon as the elections are over. God see us through as you bless Nigeria.


    We have longed blamed the failed systems, its effect and the effort of our below per leaders on the living condition of an average populace but you know what? There are just a product of the problem, meaning the learned and educated are the problem of Nigeria, the failed systems and never do well leaders are just byproducts.

    According to _Dan Millman_ in his work _*Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book That Changes Lives*_ he said and I quote: *“To rid yourself of old patterns, focus all your energy not on struggling with the old, but on building the new.”* That is to rid of failed systems and evil leaders, we must focus all our energy on building a new Nigeria where merit will be enthroned and not merely attacking the leaders. I maintain that our problems are not the systems and the leaders in there but the learned and educated out here. Since we can’t cure a disease with terminating the case, the same way the systems and their occupants in there will remain and until there is a change out here.

    Before 2015 general election, I kept on juxtaposing why I will not vote which was summed up with an aged adage which says *”a known devil is better than an unknown angel”* and two years down the lane I am justified of not voting. I stand to proud it that I do not regret of not voting and no one that voted in this present government can stand shoulders high to boast of voting.
    I am battling with another issue already two years to another election and I stand to be corrected, *PMB is fighting comfort and not corruption*. He is fighting those that will be an obstacle to him come 2019 and on the other end proving way for a *North win-win agenda* through Atiku fronting for PDP. Atiku is a cabal and must not be allow back to the seat of power. If his then boss OBJ, can be against him then whosoever that supports him desired to be stoned to death.

    I am not contesting but I will definitely vote come 2019, let’s get set and place ban on PDP and APC and any other parties the cabals may formed in order to accomplish their evil agenda comes 2019. Let’s get involved directly by vying for elective positions or indirectly by supporting those that will be vying for one. Yes, is true that we can only give what we have meaning all Nigerians are bad but let’s allow other new bad Nigerians get in there first by sacking all the old bad Nigerian -though I still believe there are good Nigerians out here.

    The learned and educated are the problematic case of Nigeria’s problems. How? The right question is, “what is the way out?” Someone painted a picture of what happens in Nigeria political environment which necessitated this write up. The Politicians know that the majority of voters are the uneducated and the unlearned while the so called educated and the learned will sit at home on the election day, the uneducated get involved.

    The politicians know that an average Nigerian can not feed on a complete three square meal per day not to talk of getting educated, that is the educated belong to the upper class of the poor Nigerian -yes, there is nothing like mid-class unless we want to deceive ourselves. Is a custom and it is our culture in this part of the world that, _”when you eats, you don’t talk”_, is truly a good moral and a beautiful value but the *polithievian* _(politicians + thieves)_ are using it against the hungry Nigerians. They give these unlearned people money stolen from our commoneealth before and during elections so that they can mobilise other hungry people for election and that always work because if those eating are cultured not to talk while eating those that are filled are configured into sleeping in order to utilize what they ate *-what a pity and poor Nigeria*.

    Despite the fact that Nigeria is not among the well educated nations but we are educated in our own way, I will not say more than this. One more thing, is only in this part of the world that we have *educated but not enlightened people; lettered people everywhere but not learned follows*. Many of these lettered people do not even have a mean of identification not even a voters card and those that manage to have do not deem it necessary to go out and vote on election day.

    Politicians know that politics is a game of numbers and they prefer using the unlearned and the uneducated by buying their votes and conscience through money every election year so they could be voted for. The just concluded PDP national convention is phototype of what real elections is in Nigeria and if money can not buy it power (guns in the hands of youths that are captured by the gun owner) will. The Politicians do not care about the learned and the educated because they know they do not matter since majority of the so called educated will not come out to vote on Election day.
    Going forward, the educated and learned urgently need to wake up and start taking part in election processes that determine who go into political office.
    *What right do you have to complain when you did not participate?*

    I am Ambassador, NNYPA Oyo State Coordinator.


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