Where Is Yvonne Nwosu?

One of the flower girls of high society, Yvonne Nelson, has been ‘missing’ in action in recent times, leaving many to wonder what could have happened to the vivacious woman who for many years has been wowing the fashion scene with her VONNE Couture designs.

The woman, once a mainstay on the social scene, seems to have recoiled into her shell for unknown reasons. Several high profile social events have gone by in recent times without an appearance by the tall and beautiful super designer.

Those who expected to see her at the recent Heineken Lagos Fashion Week went home disappointed. It was the same story at GTBFSHNWKND 2017 and the Hennessy Artistry event on Saturday. Yvonne’s absence on those occasions naturally left observers to wonder what could be holding her from making her usual appearances in public.

While some have speculated that she might have been swept off her feet by matters of the heart, others insist she is just taking a well-deserved holiday, enjoying herself in trips around the world.

source: Thenation



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