My Wife Threatened To Set Me Ablaze – Man Cries Out

A man who has become fed up with his wife’s obnoxious actions in their matrimonial home, has taken a proactive step to end the union.

The five-year marriage between Mr Nicholas Johnson, and his wife, Adesola, 35, was on Monday dissolved by an Igando Customary Court on Monday over threat to life.
According to a NAN report, Johnson had accused Adesola of threatening to set him ablaze, among other wrongdoings.
The president, Igando Customary Court, Mr Moses Akinniyi, in a judgment, held that the couple were no longer interested in the marriage and all efforts to reconcile both parties had failed.
“Since both parties consented to the dissolution of their marriage, this court has no choice than to dissolve the marriage.
“The court pronounces the marriage between Mr Nicholas Johnson and Mrs Adesola Johnson dissolved today; both parties henceforth cease to be husband and wife.
“Both are free to go their separate ways without any hindrances and molestation,’’ Akinniyi ruled.
Earlier, Nicholas Johnson, a 40-year-old businessman, told the court that his wife had accused him of infidelity and threatened to set him ablaze.
“Adesola often threatens to pour a keg of petrol on me and set me ablaze,” the petitioner said.
He urged the court to dissolve the five years marriage.
“Whenever I go out and come back late, she will accuse me of being in the company of a woman.
“When I receive a call, she will say I am talking to my girlfriend and she will fight me.
“In fact, I can no longer talk to a woman again,” he said.
The petitioner also accused his wife of not respecting him.
“My wife does not have regard for me. She always rains curses and abuses on me. Most times, she talks to me as if she is talking to her son,” he said.
The petitioner said that his wife, a trader, packed some of his belongings while packing out of their matrimonial home.
“My wife carted away with my food-warmer, freezer and my bag that contained valuable documents,” Johnson said.
He said he was no longer in love with his wife.
“Please, divorce this loveless marriage before Adesola will carry out her threat of setting me ablaze,” he pleaded.
Adesola, in her response, said she accused her husband of infidelity because he was always in the company of a particular woman.
She, however, denied threatening to set him ablaze or packing her husband’s belongings while leaving their matrimonial home.
The 35-year-old trader also denied abusing or raining abuses on her husband, saying she respects him all the time.
The mother of two, however, consented to the dissolution of the marriage, telling the court she was no longer interested in it.

Source: NAN