Young Nigerian Lady Escapes Death After She was Shot by Unknown Gunmen (Photos)

A young Nigerian Lady has recounted her near-death experience after she was shot and almost lost her life due to an attack by unknown gunmen.

Sharing the good news on Facebook the pretty lady named Obodo Amaka, revealed that she was just returning from the market when the men of the underworld struck.

Amaka was was shocked to realize that the bullet got lodged in her lungs. She is full of thanks to God for sparing her life.

She wrote: “I was shot yesterday on my way back from the market by an unknown gun men, I felt something like stone hit me and kept walking until I started feeling the flow of blood down my legs. I have every reason to be grateful and thankful to God for giving me a second chance. Help me thank God, I also need your prayers cause the x-ray showed that the bullet is still resting on my lungs, it’s in a very delicate area and can’t be removed at the moment.”



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