3 Edible Foods That Are Also Good For DIY Skincare; Find Out!

Like the idea of having a glowing skin? Search no more. There are so many skin therapies out that are helpful, harmful and expensive (depends on the skin). That’s why many women prefer to remain with their skin condition than to risk it; I mean it could get worse than better (why look for trouble). These foods are easily accessible, cost close to nothing and are guaranteed to leave no side effects behind. Only soft and pretty skin;

  • Carrots

No special “wahala” for this one. Carrots contain minerals that are used to produce most of the skincare products that grace our store shelves today. So sweety, this one is raw an unprocessed. Make sure it is part of your diet and see the difference in just 14 days!

  •  Honey

Sweet honey is well used for several ailments and remedies. Not only does the skin benefits from its anti-oxidants which is responsible for keeping the skin baby soft, it immensely slows down aging on the skin and intensely moisturize the skin thereby, still maintaining its glow. It is also known to reduces inflammation.

  • Egg whites

Egg whites have a number of benefits. They are used to clean the pores, lift dirt to reveal a brighter and  smooth skin; they are also used in preparing homemade facial masks and cleansers. They benefit the skin immensely as deep cleansing masks.

  • Lemon

Although known to be high in acid, is is best used when you’re not under the sun because it is sure to burn. This citrus’ juice is beneficial for brightening the skin. They help tone the facial skin. It is also advisable to use this monthly, bi-monthly or once in a while.