5 Of The Best Ways That Women Can Wear White Sneakers!

There are different brands that have the almighty white sneakers. It used to be the rave for only the tomboys but baby; No more o! Women are now looking for the best ways to stay comfortable and still look chic doing it (We cannot come and die). Comfort is my forte whenever I’m dressing for any and every occasion. For those ladies who love these shoes and do not know how to wear or what to wear these “lovelies” with, search no more! We bring to you the best 5 ways to wear them. Enjoy!

1. With the boyfriend jeans;

A little “boyish” but it sure is comfortable and give your look an edge. Its best to rock this classy look is on a day out with the boo, bestie or just a regular hangout with friends.








2. With an all black out fit

You’ll have to agree with me that there is something so sexy and classy about the colour black. Be it a short dress, kimono gown or even a pair of black jeans and a top (fitted/loose) the sneakers will not only give it a pop of colour but, it will ump the sexy meter a notch higher.






3. With an all white outfit

Be it a dress or a pair of hot jeans, you can never go wrong with white clothes and white sneakers. Not only is it stylish and trendy, it also creates an illusion that your legs are longer! Besides, white is the best choice of colour on hot days.







4. With office wears

A lot of companies these days allow their staff to dress a bit more casually. To pull off sneakers at work, dress it up with a blazer or a button down shirt.








5. With an all denim attire

Although this is a bit tricky but who doesn’t love an all denim outfit? This is one trend that is showing no sign of going out of style. even celebrities are seen adorning this lovely ensemble. A little secret; When a denim is a lighter shade, it draws attention to the place it is covering. And the darker shade tends to give you a slimer look. So ladies, the best option would be to pair a light denim top with a darker pair of jeans for the most flattering look.