5 Pointers To Consider For Your First Date

First dates always make us nervous and worried. Especially when we’re meeting the person for the first time in a new environment. We tend to get so nervous that planning the right place and time is forgotten or badly picked. The guys are often the ones left to pick the place. i know i am guilty of that as well. So comprised below is a list of fun places to go on your first date.


Lunch or dinner is a great date idea. Personally, I prefer the idea for lunch dates because it is less intimate and allows you two to be at ease. Besides, you’ll have more time to talk if you both connect well. And dinner is a more intimate and less rowdy (depend on the location you choose). Plus the food is just the icing on the cake to a perfect date.

The movies


The truth is you might not have enough time to talk as much as you want while but you could catch up after the movie probably while. The idea of going to see a movie also gives you and your date the opportunity to talk about the movie- the scenes you felt were unnecessary, the scenes you loved etc

The Beach

Although this is cliche but it is best advice mostly when it is less crowded. The view of the water just creates a great atmosphere for a date. What is more is that you could also play on the beach and just have fun.


This could either be during the day or at night. Either of the two is fine. One thing you need to know is that a concert would most likely be crowded and it is all up to you to protect your date. Whether it is a music concert or a comedy concert, one thing that is sure is that you would be entertained. You could dance as the spirit leads you and just have a great time.

Gaming Center

Games have this way of easing tension. The idea of a game centre is cool because you and date would have to play and this is equal to fun. Remember that the whole idea of a first date should be fun.

Look good, show up and have a great time.


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