4 Major Body Shapes For Women You Need To Know

Because of what the glossy magazines and the internet says or even shows us about clothes, shoes and generally telling us what or how a woman should look, a lot of us want to look exactly the same. Spoiler alert! Not all the clothes you see the celebrities adorn is meant for you. I have come to find out that, every woman has a body type. And honey, that body type should be a yard stick for what and how you should put on. I mean, its a new year and who doesn’t want to look and feel fly? For those who do not understand what a body type is about; it is all about proportions that end up forming a body shape or type. Now, the first step to looking good from now on is finding your body shape. And there are 4 major categories:


  • Triangle/Pear shape

These are women who are smaller at the upper frame and bigger at the hip-leg area of their bodies. In other words, the hips are wider than the shoulders and the hips and bottom are more rounded and the waist are thinner. It is best to emphasize your arms ans waist to add a bit more volume to your upper torso. So, clothes like sweet heart neck-lines, tulip skirts, the hi-lo trend and even dresses that trim the hips, A-line skirts, boat neck tops, ruffles on top part of your dresses, pointed- toe shoes to elongate your legs will be a definite yes for you. Avoid

  • b) Hourglass shape

Now, almost every lady envies the woman with this body. They have the thin waist line, and both their upper and lower bodies are the same shape which is slightly bigger than the waist of course. That is; your waist is 25 percent smaller than your hips, shoulder and bust measurements. And of course, the cleavage is fuller besides, the more weight you add the bigger your hips and upper torso.

  • Wedge/Inverted triangle shape

This category of women have broader and wider shoulders with narrow waist and hips. The best fashion choice is to accentuate and draw attention to the areas of your body you’d like to be seen. For example; wear strapless dresses if you think your arms and shoulders are your best assests, wear bright colours at the bottom of your body, full/ flared skirts are advisable, boat neckline tops, experiment with high-waist styles etc.


  • Rectangle shape

These are women have sporty looks. From the torso to the waist, the width are similar and your best assets are their arms and legs. The more weight they add, the bigger their necks and back. It is best to wear a sweet heart neckline, pencil skirt with side-slit to show off your legs, scoop neck tops, long jackets, collars, ruffles, details to flatter your chest and feel free to experiment with cinched-waist skirts.