3 New Ways To Eat Honey!

It can be an endearment, a word said out of pleasure, a word that brings pleasurable memories and a very healthy food; it HONEY! Years immemorial, honeybees were in trouble. Why? For tons of reasons which include; pesticides, parasites, and diseases, which were causing swarms to die off at alarming rates. Since then, the industrious little critters are starting to rebound. With its rich flavor and impeccable nutritional profile, honey is more than just a sugar substitute. Check out these new ways to use the nectar;


Factory refined honey is usually pasteurized and filtered to prevent it from crystallizing. And these processes usually decrease some of the key nutrients such as; probiotics and antioxidants. On the other hand, raw and unfiltered honey has a more complex and robust flavor.


Honey isn’t just for dessert. A drizzle can tame spicy dishes and balance the acid in vinegar-based salad dressings. And because cooking caramelizes its sugar, honey brings a richness to meats and seafood.


You know what’s got true grit—and not in a good way? Sugar in a glass of iced tea. Simple syrup can make for smoother-sipping cocktails, but may also be heavy on corn syrup and artificial ingredients. Enter honey: nothing fake, a tad sweeter than sugar (so you can use less), and mixes in a flash.