Actress Dorcas Fapson Has Made Pepper Spray Business Boom In Nigeria (See How)

Social media has been buzzing with arguments and counter arguments after actress Dorcas Shola Fapson accused a Taxify driver and told of how she defended herself with pepper spray. It all looks like the pepper spray business is about to boom in Nigeria.

A lot of Nigerian women are now considering the option of arming themselves with pepper spray and businessmen/women have taken advantage of the increased demand and started advertising their products, including those who are advertising the “not-so-original” Nigerian made pepper spray.

Following the R@pe allegation by Dorcas Fapson against the Taxify driver, a lot of celebrities have come out to support her and even went as far as condemning Nigerians that criticise her for her actions.

Media personality and actress, Eku Edewor came in her support. Eku Edewor, who shut down claims that actress Dorcas Fapson is trying to seek attention with the story, further said she believes her friend and can attest to her character.

She wrote:-

I attest to @ms_dsf character. She would not willingly destroy another persons character for petty reasons. I think it’s wrong that anyone discredit her because she is not acting, sounding or accounting a matter in a way they think it should be. Is there a blueprint for how the storyline of assault should go? or should she be broken and ruined first beyond repair before you can listen. I believe you Dorcas, stay strong and God keep you. #ibelieveyoudorcas#istandwithdsf

Another celebrity, Adekunle Gold also reacted to the story, and in his words he claims Nigerians can be so callous when it comes to giving judgements on social media anytime an issue arises.

He tweeted:-

“When someone narrates their ordeal these days, they get bashed and judged and you wonder why people don’t speak up when they are in trouble? I am reading comments on a blog; people abusing Dorcas for making the story up, other animals saying she’s proly dressed indecently. SMH


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