Bad Relationship Habits You Need To Leave Behind In 2017

If you’re in a serious relationship, this is definately for you. There are things you may need to consider leaving if you decode to settle down in the new year. By consensus, here are some of the habit that is a definite NO-NO your relationship to grow;

1. Cheating

OK. The idea that this is a ‘norm’ any healthy relationship is total and absolute lie! So much so that many ladies now believe that there is no guy that doesn’t cheat. Regardless of its popularity, it’s still a toxic relationship behavior. It hurts, destroys trust and damages relationships. Therefore, 2017 must be the year you drop cheating. Choose one woman/ one man and stick to that relationship.

2. Domestic violence

Like cheating, domestic violence was also well documented in 2017 and of course, those are just the ones that got reported. There are almost certainly a lot more unreported cases. Especially the  guys, let the barbarism stop in 2017. We can do better than hitting women and we should. No hitting, only more kissing caressing of our women in 2018.

3. Uncertainty

A serious relationship, chilling, casual relationship, just friendship… make up your mind. This, compared to cheating and domestic violence, sounds like a lesser evil but it’s an evil nonetheless. . Just be sure of what you want in 2018. Instead of blowing hot and cold, showing mixed signals and confusing the hell out of anyone. So grab a hold of yourself, pull back, gather your thoughts and be certain of what you want before going in. We are not creating chaos in 2018, bruv.

4. Inconsistence

So you pursue a girl with all the right levels of tenacity. You do everything right, say the right things at the right time, you show up and show out till she can no longer help but fall in love with you. Now that she’s yours however, you take your foot off the pedal and relax. You’re no longer the person you used to know.  Let that stop in 2017, sir. Let 2018 be the year you rediscover the form you began the relationship with.

5. Boring sex

I put it to you that being sexually unadventurous and static is a toxic relationship behaviour. Boring sex is bad behaviour especially if it’s coming from you. These ladies are tired of missionary and doggy styles. If cowgirl is all you know, reverse it FAST. If she wants LONGER foreplay, learn to dance to her tune. If it’s oral sex, communicate and look for a way around it. Sometimes be gentle, get a bit nasty at other times. Just add that unpredictable edge to your game. We’re leaving boring sex in 2017.



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