“My boyfriend sleeps with my best friend, I still love him…. (Must read)

A heartbroken Nigerian Lady has written to relationship page, Break_or_makeup (BOM) on the issue she’s facing with her boyfriend and bestfriend.. Apparently, they are in a love triangle.

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Please no insult.

My boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend but he apologized and cried his eyes out, so I forgave him.

But he cheated with her again but this time did not beg me, when I saw he was really into her, I went begging him.

We have been off and on like that, my best friend will post his pictures on IG, I will do sane too, It was as if I was sharing him with her.

So many times I will go to see him and she will be leaving his house we meet by the door and hate on each other. My boyfriend will still have sex with me and sometimes I see my ex best friends panties or earrings or make up, but she always leaves a signature of “I was here.”

So yesterday I asked him to choose between us and he said he loves me but he can’t, he asked me to give him time because he is confused.

He said we act alike, think alike and in bed we taste alike too that is why he is confused.

No I love this guy so much that I can kill for him but how long will this his confusion last.

I am tired of sharing my man with my ex best friend. He even has our both pictures, when ever I come he will turn her own to the wall and when ever she comes he does same to mine. What can I do. When will his confusion stop?

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