Buzzing Today: Victor Moses

Although the game ended on a 2-2 draw, many Chelsea fans are visibly upset with Victor Moses for his poor performance during the Chelsea vs Arsenal match this evening. According to some football fans, if Chelsea were the children of Isreal depending on Moses to lead them out of Egypt, they’ll probably still be Pharaoh’s slaves. Most of them were so angry he got schooled by a teenager(Maitland Niles) and should be loaned back to West Ham to find his 2016/2017 form again.

One Twitter user who goes by the name Antzwst says Victor Moses has a problem with crossing anything

Another believes the coach made a big blunder starting Moses, while some think Victor Moses and other Like Morata should just go and leave Chelsea alone

Some people have no chill at all, like seriously someone even said if Victor Moses was the Moses of old, when it got to the point where he should divide the red sea, he’d just plainly ask the  Israelite if they can swim because he can’t cross nothing. WHAT!!!  Too mean or do ya’all agree???



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