“I can’t stand my husband’s manhood anymore, it’s too big”

My name is Gift and I just got married three months ago but I am already fed up because my husband’s manhood is so big I suffer tear every time we make love.

I know many women will read this with a pinch of the salt while others, like some of my friends, will say I should be lucky that my husband is so endowed and can satisfy me in bed.

But it is not about sexual satisfaction here, it is about the pain I go through during sex.


I grew up in a strict home where our parents monitored us and any discussion of the opposite sex was seriously frowned upon. I did not have a boyfriend until I was in my third year in the university and even at that, I never had sex till my youth service, at 25, and it was not a pleasant experience.

After the first time, I had sex not more than five more times before I met Joseph who later became my husband. I met him during a seminar I attended in Port Harcourt and was swept off my feet at first glance.

Since he was based in Abuja, we managed to maintain a long distance relationship and only got to see each other whenever he came to Lagos, which was not often.

Our first night together was quite horrible but he reasoned that it was because I had not been exposed. He told me never to worry, as I would get used to it with time.

We managed to cope till we got married and that was when my nightmare started. Sex with my husband has been hellish and I always dread such moments. We have tried lubricants to make me wet but it seems my tight private part is not just made for him.

We are both living like strangers and I dare say it is just a matter of time before the marriage crumbles.

What do I do to make my marriage work?



  1. You both need to see a doctor immediately to assure you that his penis is actually too big for your virgina to handle or you are having a medical condition that makes the virgina lock up during intercourse.

  2. What does Ladies actually want? Some complaning their man is not big there… this one crying is too big..

    Well it could be a medical problem coz vagina is meant to be elastic

  3. Try different positions. But I also believe that once you have your first baby, then it should be better. Wishing you both the best!!!

  4. One man’s food is another man’s poison. However, it is always necessary to examine the size of your spouse as well as his or her libido level before getting tied up in the web of marriage. Sister enjoy your Priceless possession…

  5. vaginismus is a common side effect of growing up in an environment where a woman was taught to fear sex. i suggest you google the condition. it takes time and patience to overcome.

  6. I think both of you should has to bear with the situation because there is now nothing you can do since you now married but what i know with you will can used to the pain and everything will just be normal


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