I can’t do without s3x, I must have it four times a day – 16-year old girl makes shocking revelation

Following sexual abuse at a very young age, a 16 year old girl has made a shocking confession, saying that she cannot do without having s3x with men daily and not just daily, four times in a day.

She also narrated how an old man, who was their neighbour at Mile 12, Lagos lured her into s3x at seven and since then she cannot resist having s3x with about 5 different men everyday.

The primary two pupil said if she did not see any man to have s3x with, she would go to a popular area under bridge at Mile 12 Lagos and beg for s3x from touts.

She said she came from Enugu state to Lagos to live with her aunt after the death of her father.
Her case has become so serious that she had to be referred to an NGO, Community Health Support and Empowerment Initiative (COHSAEI), which has taken up the challenge to rehabilitate her.
The little girl said she was lured into S3x by a man she called Baba who lived with her aunt in the same compound.
She said the man (Baba) usually called her to his apartment whenever his wife and her aunt were not around and will put his finger inside her private part.
He will tell me to come back home immediately our school closes and when I reach home he will be waiting for me to finger my honeypot.

She narrated, disclosing that with time, he started having real s3x with her