Cracking The Code: Mysterious Book Filled ‘Alien Prophecy’ Finally Decoded 600 Years (Photos)

Its’s a mystery as compelling as the Da Vinci Code – a fabled manuscript nobody can read, in an “alien” language which doesn’t appear to exist.

But now a computer scientist says the mysterious document is actually written in ancient Hebrew and he knows how to decipher the riddle.

For years many thought the text contained a prophecy or the key to eternal life or that the language belonged to aliens.  

But using artificial intelligence, Professor Greg Kondrak he University of Alberta was able to find out the language and then work out a little of what was being said.

And according to his team’s research, the first complete sentence reads: “She made recommendations to the priest, man of the house and me and people.”

The code involves shuffling the order of letters in each word and dropping the vowels.

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