Diaries of A Broken Heart “Deola’s Story” (Part II)

I was on cloud nine until my sister brought me back to reality! “have you introduced him to mum, dad or even brother Sam?” My sis asks as she sits on the bed. “No” i say defensively. Not that I hadn’t discussed this with him earlier o. He just wasn’t ready and he always got defensive. God knows even I was getting tired of sitting around in the dark corner of someone else’s life. “Good!” was the shocking answer that my sister gave me. why? she began explaining to me that the moment she met him, she tracked him down on social media and as she suspected, his handle was private on all platforms! So she changed her status pic on Instagram and became his friend. When he accepted the friend request, she had access to his pictures. Apparently, his cousin is his wife! And they have 3 kids! Being a skeptic, i didn’t believe until she started revealing pictures o!

I felt like I had been sucker-punched. For days I refused to say anything to anyone; not even the revealer of his secret (my well meaning sister). For me, the heart break was real. I needed time to think and breathe. And when I did just that, it all started to make sense. The phone calls that were timed, 60 out 100 percent of the time I was calling etc. I wasn’t a side chick o. I was a concubine to a married man! Then, he started calling, I refused to pick or even reply his text. I literally blocked the guy. He was dead to me!

You would think that was how the story ended. Then the real thing happened….