Diaries of A Broken Heart “Deola’s Story” (Part I)

I am a victim of circumstance or my own carelessness that many call “Love”. I have been a side chick all along without even realizing it or rather; I was blind to it. My name is Deola and I’m 28 years of age. I’m presently working as Human Resource Manager in a high flying company I choose not to name. I don’t need money so I’m not looking for a “maga” at all. I was on my own , minding my own business in the office when this hunk of a guy walked in. I was already tripping for his looks only for him to open his mouth! My God! my knees were weak. He smiled and we had a simple work-related conversation only for “oga” to come back in and ask for my number. We quickly connected (I mean i was already half way in-love with him) and he was what I’d call, a man’s man; well cultured, courteous, polite and very romantic. Long and short, I was on cloud nine. The bubble buster happened when he unofficially met my twin at an official event that both our companies were hosting. He came in with a very hot looking babe. I didn’t think anything of it because i was extremely busy that day. When I asked him later, he said he didn’t see any need for us to be introduced that night because I was busy. Instead of me to see that as a red flag, I ignored my instincts and accepted his explanation. Funny enough, apart from his “cousin” I never met or even saw any of his family members. I was never on the social media scene so I didn’t think to follow him up on social media. It didn’t occur to me until….. Till tomorrow