Fans cheer I GO DYE on political issues

Following his inputs in the country’s political space on social media, fans have started to egg comedian Francis Agoda, known as I go dye, to seek for a political role.

Recently I go Dye called leaders to end what he termed ‘political recycling’ urging ‘all tradition leaders, Ex-presidents, diplomatic communities elder statesmen, professional bodies, entertainers and Nigerian youths to lay their voices to end political recycling, because a future bequeathed to Nigerian youths today, will be the best legacy.’

A fan on Instagram, htriple1404 urging the comedian to use his star power in propelling people to vote wrote: “We need action from youth not long essay, I’m still wonder why all those Nigeria celebrities from musicians to actors to comedians cant stage themselves together to form a collations movement and chose one sound minded and respected one person and see how others Nigeria’s fans or youth both Home and abroad we give support and then we can wipe away all those living dead running the nation. The same set of people since that were running the  nation since I was young still there today and we need transformations so my brother and Boss, I will be glad if you stand to bring  other celebrities together and as you  guys do whenever there is show among each of you, thanks that is my say that can make this country better.”

Another fan, jossypurity, wrote, ‘Well let form a party of our own as a youth and we should make it go viral then we can make a difference in Nigeria I’m ready and I’m sure a lot of people are ready as well.

Bishopdrey wrote ‘@igodie nice write up but u celebrities have a big role to play if indeed we want this power recycling must stop. Come together speak with one voice and support a credible youth to overthrone them as they came together and took over from d previous ruler. God bless Nigeria.’

Vitorio 5555_ also wrote ‘Igodye you don’t even begin to understand the power of this letter I hope everyone that loves this country reads it. It’s a marvel and thank you for it.’

In the past, I go Dye has addressed the need for pensioners arrears to be paid emphasizing that they have worked selflessly for this nation, yet faced series of tribulations trying to get their pension entitlements.

source: Thenation


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