Find Out; How A 2-Week Diet Break Helps You Lose More Weight!

Going on a diet is part of the many processes many people take to lose weight. But as always;  it is easier said that done. It takes hard work and usually weeks of healthy eating to see results. If you have been dieting for a while and not seeing the results you were hoping for, it’s understandable that you’d get fed up with the whole process. New research suggests there’s an easier way to lose weight, and it involves ditching your diet entirely!(I know right?!)

The researchers found that people who dieted off and on lost more weight that those who were all-in. Not only that, they gained less weight back after the dieting period was over. The researchers say that dieting alters a series of biological processes in your body, leading to slower weight loss (and maybe even weight gain). When you go on a diet, your resting metabolism decreases to try to preserve body fat, making it harder to lose weight. The researchers aren’t totally sure why going on and off with a diet works better, but it may simply keep your body from catching on to what you’re trying to do. Plus, maintaining a diet for the foreseeable future can be tough mentally—and having breaks built in may make it easier to stick to a diet when you’re actually on it. This approach probably isn’t for everyone but if you’ve struggled to lose weight on a diet, it might be worth considering.