Find Out; 7 Healthy Tips To Have Beautiful Skin!

The quest for beautiful skin is a never-ending journey for which many a lady would give a sizeable chunk of their worldly possessions to attain; won’t you agree? With bleaching syndrome rapidly catching on (especially the ladies), beautiful skin has never been more sought after. From  lightening creams and soaps that are rich with promises of overnight transformation, younger-looking and glowing skin. Come to think of it, of what benefit is it if a lady has ‘white’ but still have dark knuckles?  Having great skin goes beyond using the right products, rather its a wholesome process which involves amongst other things observing the right skin health practices, a healthy diet and yes, having the right skin care products. So, don’t you think its time to change directions and look into nourishing the skin as opposed to merely polishing it? Since the basics has been covered, let’s get straight into the business of the day. The road to glowing, gorgeous skin;

  • Never sleep with makeup on!

Weather you have heard this before or not, but sleeping with makeup is the biggest no-no in the quest for healthy skin. Why? Because it can have very damaging effects. There’s an oil build up overnight which leads to clogged pores and it goes downhill from there. That is; pimples, darkened skin, wrinkles, dull skin etc. Save yourself the trouble and make efforts to always wash off your face before sleeping at night or use a cleanser at best!





  • Water is the skin’s best friend

Weather you drink loads of it, splash it on your skin, or even swim in it water is and will always remain a great hydrant which cleans the system with and without. When you drink several tall glasses a day, it is not just for great skin but also for better bowel movement which in the end; improves the appearance of the skin. Besides, when washing off make-up, splash cold water on your face to tighten the pores. How? Wash with warm water and rinse off with cold water. Warm water opens up the pores which allows for the germs to be thoroughly washed off while the cold water at the end tightens the pores so that they’re sealed from contamination and further exposure to germs.

  • The sun is NOT the skin’s best friend

Constant exposure to the sun not only darkens the skin but also reduces the skin’s elasticity which over time becomes damaging for the skin.






  • Eat your way to great skin

As we’ve said earlier, the road to great skin starts from within. Food items like salmon, garlic, sweet potato, egg yolk and avocado are great for the skin. Salmon is rich in protein, potassium and Vitamin B-6, garlic reacts with the blood to fight bacteria, sweet potato is rich in potassium, sodium and Vitamin A while avocado pear is rich in Vitamin E and C as well as collagen all of which are great nutrients for the skin. This is even more so in the case of folks who do not come naturally endowed with beautiful skin.