Find Out What Your Poop Says About You!

When you hear poop in any language it will immediately make you want to puke. Long story short; nobody likes to talk about poop. It is so bad that some people cannot stand even to look at the water the deed has been done. shockingly, to regularly check your poop could save your life.

Pooping (popularly referred to as “shitting”) is a deed that keeps the body healthy. Why? It is one of the few ways that the body gets rid of waste and toxins naturally. I f not for anything else, check your poop to monitor your health. Here are some changes that occur in your poop:

Poop that come hard and in pieces

Poop that come hard in pieces are usually strong indicators of being dehydrated. However be warned that trying to force out hard poop isn’t good for health as it result to hemorrhoids. Advise; increase your water intake and eat foods rich in fibre.

Red Poop

Passing out red poop consistently is a cause for concern as it could indicate bleeding in the lower intestinal tract, cancer, colon inflammation and other serious health issues. If however this stops in days, it may be as a result of a coloured/particular food you ate.

Black coloured poops are usually serious

Black coloured poop are usually a cause for concern especially if you’ve ruled out using a particular drug or eating something that could make that possible. Stooling black may be a sign of bleeding ulcers. If you consistently pass out black poop and it’s not something you ate see a doctor as soon as possible as this could be a sign of bleeding sores internally.

Poop with blood

If you see bright red blood in your poop, you need to get expert help immediately as it may be as a result of cancer, inflammation of the stomach lining, bleeding stomach, hemorrhoids and so on.