Find Out; Signs That Show The Body Is Unhealthy.

The human body is one of the most intriguing things that keeps revealing new angles daily. The body has ways to speaking to its owner. A few signs are stated below so, if you are having one or more of these signs; see a doctor;


Insomnia is lack  of proper and good sleep.  Therefore, having it does more harm than good to the body. When there’s insomnia, the body’s cortisol level skyrocket as a result of different stress response within the body which if left untreated does more harm than good.

 Yellowing to Dark Yellow Urine

The colour of one’s urine is one of the surest to know if the body is in great shape. When your urine changes colour from the clear slightly yellow colour to a darker shade; the body needs more hydration i.e water.

Irregular bowel movement

Irregular bowel movement might be an indication of something going wrong apart from the obvious constipation. A normal bowel movement helps rid the body of toxins but when this is trapped in the body, it can enter through the bowel lining into the blood stream which becomes harmful to the body.

Unexplainable Weight Loss

Sudden weight loss may be linked to cancer, diabetes and more severe issues with the endocrine system.