Fragrance Friday; How To Keep The Fragrance All Day!!!

Often times I’ve seen people complain about how their perfumes do not last long. Some are of the opinion that the perfume is fake; that may be so. It could also be that you may not be applying it right. Yes! there are right ways to apply perfumes. You want to smell good and fresh all day? Here’s what you should do;

  • Keep in a cool, Dry place

When you see this written on a bottle of perfume, it is not for show! Because of the kind of chemical ingredients, environment is quite important for perfumes. So, heat and light are a big no, no for perfumes as it is known to drastically reduce the quality of the fragrance.



  • Moisturize then, spray

Its best to lock moisture into the skin before applying perfume. that way, the moisture aids the smell to last longer. Besides, spraying perfumes directly on a dry skin can damage the skin over time.  Oils like; Vaseline, “ori” (raw Shea butter) or lotion are good options.


  • Spray on the skin

Although this usually depends on the skin and the type of perfume still, there are some skin friendly perfumes so, this is an option. And it is best to spray right after your bath so that the moisture on your skin lock the scent in. Besides, fake or not; perfumes have a reputation of staining clothes and jewelry.