Friday Suggestions; Some Of The Best Songs To Have On Your Sex Playlist.

There are songs that promote different emotions such as; memories, love, laughter and the like. Out of these countless songs, there are songs that promote; sex drive. Weather you like it or not, there are music that when they come on it “turns you on”. And holy or not; Sex playlists (we’ve all got it). Whether your preference ranges from the “get down and dirty” that is Drake and RiRi to the “turn up the heat” by the soulful Sam Smith, or “get it on” with John Legend (if only…), having a sex soundtrack can totally get you in the right mood.

What really are the best songs to set the mood? Having asked quite a few people, these are the songs that really get them going! You may want to add these slow jams to your sex playlist as well (wink!).

1. Sex With Me- Rihanna

Leave it to RiRI not to mince words. With lyrics like “sex with me so amazing,” and a sick beat, “Sex With Me” will get your message across loud and clear.

2. Thinking Out Loud, Ed Sheeran

For something a little more subtle, look no further than Ed Sheeran—king of date-night playlists. If you’re looking to up the romance, this track will have you thinking about growing old together. Awww.


3. Closer- The Chain smokers

This song topped charts across the country for a reason: It’s damn good at getting a party started—especially a more intimate party, if you feel us. Something about this track is reminiscent of making out with your high school crush in the backseat of your car, no? Add this to your playlist for a chill evening in and just try not to start a little lip action (hint: it’s impossible).


4. Earned It (Fifty Shades Of Grey), The Weeknd

Would any sex playlist be complete without some inspiration from Fifty Shades of Grey? This song gets into your veins and injects an immediate shot to your libido. Seriously, it works anytime, anywhere. All praise The Weeknd for taking us from zero to turned on with the press of the play button.

5. All of Me, John Legend

Based on this song alone, we can definitively say John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have the hottest sex life (Don’t believe us? Go watch the music video and just try not to feel the feels.) Turn this date-night track on for some seriously connected sex that would make John and Chrissy proud.


6. Stay With Me, Sam Smith

Whether you’re in an LDR or just spending a couple of days apart, get emotional with Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me.” Let’s be real, his soulful voice is all you need.



7. Often, The Weeknd

According to Spotify, this sex-inducing song should appear on your sex playlist often (pun intended). Hit play and let The Weeknd’s seductive voice get things started every night. (Pro tip: Try the Kygo remix for a faster tempo.)