Good Samaritan Reveals How She Was Almost Accused Of Murder By Lagos Police At An Accident Scene

A Nigerian good samaritan named Tinker bell, has revealed how she was almost accused of murder by the police at an accident scene.

Tinkerbell took to her Twitter page to narrate her ordeal, she wrote;

That’s how I could have been accused as a murderer this night. God thank you for your saving grace.

Was on my way to the island from surulere at about 9:30 this night, with my friend. The plan was to go for cross-over night at church.

Precisely on marina bridge at about 9:40pm. We both sighted a body in the middle of the road and was to late to pull over

I drove foward a bit and decided to pull over. All I thought about was how that guy could still be alive , probably conscious

I saw two cars parked, and 2 elderly men and 2 police officers. I approached them, seems they had issues with their cars.

So I said to them pointing towards the direction of the body in the middle of the road and said , there is a man lieing unconscious over there. Pls check he could still be alive.

So the 2 police men ran towards the body while the 2 elderly men, myself and my friend remained.

Thank God they were able to move the body able from the middle of the road to the side, with the help of other motorcyclists who stopped to help.

My friend was getting uncomfortable nd askd we leave and drive off immediately, nd I screamed @ her and said no joy no, he might nid our help

He might still be alive. I wouldn’t let him die just like that. Now the two motorcyclists where approaching us and I stopped them and asked if the man was doing ok, and they said he was dead.

It was a hit and run, that the police men still at the scene were saying we might be the culprits. There and then the two elderly men said to me, madam enter ur car and drive off immediately

Orire eyan se no ni pa eniyan. And he said God bless you. At this time the police men were racing back towards us.

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