Homemade Olive Oil and Honey Lip Scrub; Luscious Lips Magic!

Its no secret that the kitchen is the best kept secret treasure house of beauty remedies. With foods ranging from honey, olive oil, milk, sugar, eggs etc. in your pantry; these are natural beauty products that save you money not to mention the many side effects of these products. Now for those who have had dry lips irrespective of the weather; this is definately for you. Apart from the eyes, the lips another important attention drawing facial feature (especially for women). This issues doesn’t just affect the women. All gender face this problem. I mean let’s face it; no one wants to stare at  or kiss dry lips for that matter.

Just like the skin need to be scrubbed daily, so does the lips. So, lets go dig into our pantries as we present to you a quick homemade lip scrub (and a tasty one at that) you can make from the comfort of your home.

Simply put one tablespoon of Olive oil into a bowl then add one tablespoon of sugar and one tablespoon of honey and mix it. Apply it over your lips rubbing them over each other. Wipe off when you’re done rubbing it in and apply lip balm to keep your lips very well-hydrated. And voila! A plumb, luscious lips.