Justin Timberlake Releases New Song ‘Filthy’ And Unveils Tracklist for ‘Man Of The Wood’ Album

Justin Timberlake earlier this week announced that he will be releasing his new album ‘Man Of The Wood’ on February 2nd. Earlier today, he released a song and video for the first track off the album titled ‘Filthy’.

The video is very futuristic and features a dancing robot who mimics his dance steps and voice while surrounded by ballet back-up dancers.

Justin Timberlake himself who stays behind the scenes seemed to be channeling his inner Steve Jobs, The inventor and is seen doing some of the dance moves which the robot on stage replicated.



Justin Timberlake however just stated that this is the first in 4 songs he intends to release once a week before the release of the album February 2nd. In his post on Instagram and on Twitter, he instructs fans to play his song loudly.


This song should be played very loud. Link in bio.


Later this Afternoon, he released a tracklist of 16 songs for the album on his Instagram.

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