Do You Know The Right Eyebrow For Your Face Shape? Find Out!

Like doing the wrong hair style ro planting the right seed on the wrong soil, most women draw the some of the best looking eyebrows without realizing its wrong for their face-shape. And most times, they’ll look great but you can’t seem to figure out what is really wrong. Grooming and drawing the right kind of brows helps a lady feel and look good.  If you’ve been on the wrong side of the tracks, no need to worry. You have the solution; Just KEEP READING!

Oval shaped faces

Angular brows will aid the face to look softer and more feminine.

  • Round face

If you’re in the round face category; a high, sharp arch as it will give a lift to the face and also give the illusion that you have a long face. When filling in the brows, start at your arch and make it slightly darker than the rest of your brow.

  • Square shaped face

These are the more masculine shaped faces so an angled brow will do wonders to your face. Angled brow balances out a square face.

  • Heart shaped face

My personal favorite. Although their eyes and forehead already have the full focus any way, the eyebrows are better light. But be simple with a straight or rounded brow.

  • Long shaped face

If your face is twice as the length of its width, you don’t want to make it appear longer than it is already. So, try a flat brow to balance out your features.

  • Diamond shaped face

A soft rounded brow will take the edges off your features because your hairline is narrower than your cheeks and your jaw is slightly pointed.