How To Know You’re Dating The Real Deal

In this day and age, it is difficult to find a great relationship because of several reasons existing today. But as there are still mature and wonderful women in the dating scene, the same applies to the male gender. Do not forget the principle that says you attract what you believe. So ladies, if you’re in a relationship and you’re not sure he is a keeper; Here’s how you’ll know

When he’s courteous

This just doesn’t apply to you when you two are alone o. But, it must reflect in the way he treats you in the public, and to your family members. Besides, a courteous man doesn’t find it hard to be kind and considerate.

When he’s Supportive

Now, I do not mean a push over o. I mean a man who will tell you as it is and not put you down. Yet, he supports your dreams and does all he can to see it come to full fruitition.

When he’s Prayerful

This should never be over looked. I am a strong believer of a praying man/woman. A praying man will know the heart of God for himself and you. Besides you’re never far away from his prayers.

When he is faithful to you alone

This is tricky but he will ensure that he doesn’t hide stuff from you.

When he does not Abuse you

This applies to both the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical aspects of your relationship.