Ladies; How To “Shoot Your Shot” The Right Way

For many old fashioned women, asking a guy out is extreme and only loose women do this. Then, this article isn’t for you. And to others, they’ll rather suffer in silence than to ask a man out; It’s too embarrassing! Honey, we’re here for you. You must “shoot that shot” and he’s just gotta catch it fast! So here are a few tips that is sure to help you;

Don’t wait to be sure that he is interested

I know a lot of people will disagree but think of it this way; if you intend to be sure, you may never know if he has hots for you and you’ll never make that move. Madam, take the bull by the horn! Besides, what’s the worst that can happen? That’s the whole point of this article really.

Do not be shy

Like I earlier said; what’s the worst that can happen? He’ll say No and life will go on. Once you become comfortable with this idea, it’ll become easy to relax around him and improve your chances.

Be friendly

Use this as a medium to “scope” the guy. You know; get to know him better, observe and ask questions (not the creepy or obvious ones o); his interests, hobbies and favorite things. Just be extremely smart about this.

Flirt. A little!

God bless social media like whatsapp! Use this tools but do not over do it o. Friendliness cannot be over emphasized here, know how to play with words, compliment him and smile a lot. Loosen up and make him relax around you.

This is I saw some where and had to share;


It’s always advisable to do this yourself. Don’t ask your friend or his friend to help you tell him that you like him.