Lagos State Police Deputy PRO Shares His Number Online, Asking People To Call Him if They Encounter A Corrupt Police Officer

The Deputy PRO of the Lagos State Police Command, Iheanachor Omuta is advising all Lagosians to call him directly if they ever encounter a corrupt Lagos police officer who attempts to extort money from them.

The police officer made the announcement in a tweet, where he wrote;

“08036994334. I don talk am before, I wan talk am again. My country people abeg if any police wan harass una, make una no gree give anybody any money until una call me because dis tin don too much😡😤 @segalink @RuggedyBaba helep me tell them too.”

He added;

No police officer has any right to harass, assault or brutalize any one.

My thoughts:
Imagine our dear Nigeria rated “the safest and best policed country”. It’s doable with the right reforms, effective implementations and public-private partnership (community policing). We actually can “Claim the 21st Century”.

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Clear pictures of the individual(s) without putting yourself at risk, proper description of the individual(s), help a lot on our end in identifying policemen that harass Lagosians.

Never agree to give any policeman any money on the streets of Lagos. #seesomethingsaysomething.



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