How To Make Lipsticks Last Longer

Even if you do not apply the full fledged makeup, we know that lipsticks are a woman’s best friend. It gives your face that ump it need; from ordinary to fabulous! But it is annoying when we have to apply lipsticks more than once in a day especially when the lipstick is original! To have your lip looking luscious all day, you have a role to play. So, here are the thing you’ll need to do to achieve that;


This is necessary o. Don’t wait for your lips to start peeling before you exfoliate. Easy enough, you could use your tooth brush to scrape the top lips. It will leave your lips soft and supple.




This preps the skin properly. It locks in moisture and doesn’t allow the lip to be dry no matter the type of lipstick you use. So, there’s no fear that your lips will crack or break. You can use lip balms.


Apply the lipstick properly

Although, it is not bad to apply directly from the stick (if its strictly for you) but, it is best to use a brush when applying your lipstick so that the lipstick can be applied evenly.


Blot your lips

You could tissues so that the excess oil on the lipstick can come off.