Makeup Dos and Don’ts For a an Interview

This is the season for job hunting! And even here like every other aspect of life, there are rules. When going for an interview, there are several rules when going in for an interview. You’ll definitely want to give a good impression on all fronts. Especially the documents to submit, to your appearances (clothes, shoes, bags and even makeup). And as the true saying goes; “you’re addressed the way you are dress” It is important to look good. For the women makeup is one of the important things to consider when dressing for an interview. When you’re doing your makeup for a job interview, please do think of soft and natural colours. After all, it is better to blend in than to stand out for the wrong reasons. Apart from the basic idea being that your interview makeup shouldn’t be loud, what else does and doesn’t work?

Match Your Makeup to Your Skin Tone (foundation, lipstick, Bronzer etc.)

Brown matte lip sticks, nude lip gloss, light bronzers, and dusk/brown eye shadow are a must for you. Especially the foundation. The foundation is important as it is the base of your face. Especially for women with darker skin-tones. Dark women should avoid heavy or shinny blush and bright pink lipstick or light beige eye shadow.

Avoid Clumpy Mascara 

That being said, don’t go crazy with the mascara if you are aiming for the professional and polished look. In this situation, less is more, more is too much!

Be Classy with the bold colours (red lipstick)

Although it is preferable to use lip sticks and lip glosses that within range of your natural lip colour, bold lipsticks aren’t so bad. If you’re still inclined to use lipstick or lip gloss, be careful with the gloss: you don’t want it to look sticky, get smeared or dry up and leave nasty white residue. Applying a thin, moisturizing lip gloss and/or lip balm is a safe choice. as for the bold colours here’s a tip; use a sheer red lip stain (matte in a tiny dose). But use it with class!

Use Pencil Eye Liner

If you are the cat eyeliner lady, tone it down a whole notch! So, rather than drawing the eyeliner past the outer edge of your eye, end it right there. For softer and better looks, its preferable to use the black or brown pencil liner.  You can also use a pencil as opposed to liquid liner simply to achieve a softer and less harsh look.

Neutral Eye Shadows

Using eye shadow is very tricky! Although it is preferable to stay away from them for this purpose, if neccesary; use browns or eye shadows without any form of glitter in them.